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April 30 2015 (Kamloops, British Columbia) -   (Marketwired via COMTEX) -  iTel Networks Inc., one of Canada's largest IP voice networks, has recently partnered with BlackSun Inc. ("BlackSun"); and expanded their reach into Saskatchewan markets. Now, iTel Networks is able to service even more businesses with important services such as Fiber Optic Internet and MPLS Networks. Services that are now, more important than ever for businesses who want to expand and stay ahead of the competition.

iTel Networks Partnered with BlackSun in Saskatoon - a high-performance web hosting and data management company that combines their extensive marketing and promotional knowledge base with sophisticated and modern equipment to find the perfect fit for a company's website needs. Already one of Canada's largest IP voice networks, this move has expanded iTel Networks' capability to serve a growing number of organizations that are finding home in Saskatchewan. Steve Rogoschewsky, CEO of BlackSun Inc. (blacksun.ca), "is very happy with the speed and reliability of the iTel service to date" and feels that "once one of our clients get service from us, it also makes sense to get (iTel's) network as it results in both performance increases and cost savings for their organization." To excel in today's marketplace, it is more important than ever for companies to utilize the most advanced and dependable communication technologies that are available, if they want to see their business grow and keep ahead of the competition. According to Dan Rink, C.O.O of iTel Networks Inc (itel.com), iTel continues to grow and expand its network through partnerships with other major players in the industry - such as BlackSun. This allows iTel to offer both high-speed fiber optic internet and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networking services, making doing business more efficient and effective. "Fiber optic internet and MPLS are the wave of the future, and smart business owners should be investing in both technologies to streamline communications, improve performance and reduce costs," states Rink.

iTel prides itself not only on unprecedented support for their clientele, but also the ability to reach and merge the networks of companies with multiple locations under one network - including offices in rural areas. This is something that the majority of organizations are not able to offer at this time. iTel's partnership with BlackSun has taken them one step further to being able to merge company networks in every city in Canada. BlackSun's clientele can be found throughout Canada, with a strong presence particularly in Eastern Canada. Industry experts agree that high-speed fiber optic internet is the only solution to achieve the fastest and most reliable data transport network. High bandwidth uploads and downloads can be completed in very little time; at incredible high speeds. Once viewed as too expensive and sophisticated for all but the largest corporations and government agencies, fiber optic internet is now the only choice for businesses, large or small, that demands performance, adaptability, and a safe and secure connection at an affordable price.

BlackSun also has two leading edge data centers located in Saskatoon that allow your data to be simultaneously linked and backed up, alive and online at all times. How do they manage this? Secure Fibre Optic internet and MPLS connections. MPLS, or multiprotocol label switching, combines data and voice networking in a manner that allows for the proper designation of resources for each application, resulting in improved performance, smoother operation and increased response time. Whether it is data downloads or simple voice calls, by routing them using MPLS-based services, lag time is reduced as is "resource hogging" of any one service. For businesses that roll out voice and video, MPLS networking services can support QoS. Depending on the network configuration and precise combination of applications, MPLS can be significantly less expensive to use than ATM and frame relay data services.

"For modern companies, it is vital to have a network that is reliable and functions at high speed with low latency. Businesses need to be able to connect with their customers in a quick and seamless manner. Fiber optic internet and MPLS networking services are the most highly developed communication technologies available. MPLS has taken over from traditional WAN services as companies turn to the latest technologies to avoid being left behind. Fiber optics have revolutionized the way we communicate and represent a huge technological advancement. I believe fiber optic internet and MPLS are the best communications solution available, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Companies should feel secure in investing in them," says Rink.

About iTel Networks Inc.: Changing how business in Canada communicates, iTel, one of the largest telephony networks in Canada, is the first real national carrier alternative, combining true carrier infrastructure with flexible products, reliable service, and support.  With a network connecting all of Canada's largest telephone and internet systems, iTel serves the communication and networking needs of businesses both large and small, offering internet provider services including fiber optic internet for businesses, hosted PBX services, SIP trunking and cloud solutions. Their data network operates in private OpenStack and VMWare clouds across four Canadian data centres, and their telephone network provides telephone numbers in more than 1,400 Canadian cities coast to coast. To find out more about iTel and their state-of-the-art services, visit itel.com or call 1-888-899-4835.

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BlackSun Announces LeWeb 2014 Attendance in Paris, FR
Posted by Blacksun Steve on 05 December 2014 10:52 AM

December 5 2014 (Saskatoon) -  BlackSun Inc, a Canadian web hosting company, has announced it will be attending the conference known as "LeWeb" in Paris France on December 9th.  LeWeb is an internationally-renowned conference for digital innovation where visionaries, startups, tech companies, brands and leading media companies converge to explore today’s hottest trends and define the future of internet-driven business.   LeWeb is Europe's largest technology conference, taking place twice a year in Paris and London.

"BlackSun is excited to observe how the latest trends in science, technology, and internet are changing the global technological landscape," says Steve Rogoschewsky, CEO of BlackSun Inc.  "This event will be a great opportunity for BlackSun to learn how to help our client base manage and shape digital changes in their businesses."

LeWeb's conferences allow a large variety of startups, investors and tech companies the chance to network and share innovative ideas.  These events attract over over 3500 attendees which include 300 top level executives of leading companies from around the world.  The conference is inspirational for its range of presentations and panels.   Over the past decade, LeWeb has highlighted trends, ideas and technology that shape the future of the internet industry.

LeWeb's website can be found at http://www.leweb.co

BlackSun is a regular attendee of various industry leading conferences, including past events such as "PubCon", "HostingCon", "WebCongress" and others.  Anyone wanting to arrange a meeting with BlackSun in Paris during the conference can send an email to summit@blacksun.ca.  The company's website can be found at http://www.BlackSun.ca.

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